How much experience has Marty The DJ?

Marty The DJ has 21 years experience of being a mobile DJ across Glasgow and the West Of Scotland, first working as a mobile DJ in 1999.  Over the years Marty has covered many functions from birthday parties, christenings, retirements and now specialising as a wedding DJ.

Has Marty played at my wedding venue?

Marty has played at many venues across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. These include weddings in local social clubs, bowling clubs to the more exclusive high end venues for example One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow’s West End.

When shall I book Marty to be my Wedding DJ?

There is no specific time limits on when booking Marty to be your wedding DJ.  Marty has bookings for weddings up to 2 to 3 years in advance along with enquires for last minute bookings, subject to availability.

Will Marty be my Wedding DJ?

Marty will be you wedding DJ.  If an emergency or unforeseen circumstance happened, Marty does have a small network of high end DJs that can be contacted.  The small network of DJs are all professional and experienced weddings DJs.

What to look for when booking your wedding DJ.

When booking your wedding DJ ask some questions about Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Test Certificates.  Venues will ask for these to be supplied, if your DJ does not have them they will not be able to perform at your venue.  Marty The DJ has £10 million Public Liability Insurance and his equipment is has Portable Appliance Test Certificate.  Marty can send a copy to yourself or the venue direct.

Also ask your dj will you receive a contract for the services that are being provided.  Marty will provide a contract for his wedding disco service.

Can I meet up with Marty prior to booking?

Marty would highly recommend that you meet up with him with you and your partner prior to booking his wedding disco services.  That way you can get to know Marty and be 100% sure you want him to be your wedding DJ.

This also lets Marty know the flow of your evening and also follow your plan, so there won’t an unexpected singer turn up, the first dance does not happen at the wrong time, half the crowd leave at 2300 on a bus etc

Marty the DJ would also recommend meeting up again around 6 weeks prior to your wedding day just to go over everything and have all the finer details.

Will Marty play my requests.

Yes Marty will play your requests.  That way Marty can get a feel for what you like and tailor your wedding reception playlist.  Marty would also recommend when sending out your wedding RSVP to add any music requests for the DJ, this gives the guests a chance to get their choice of songs in.  When Marty meets up about 6 weeks prior to your wedding day, he can get your wedding reception requests from yourself and guests and work the playlist for your evening.

Marty also has an online planner which allows you to login and create your wedding playlist.

Can requests be made on the evening?

Of course they can.  Marty will mix them in with the requests already given.

How much music can be played?

On average around 17 songs can be played per hour.  During a wedding reception that would mean around 60 songs can be played.

What equipment will Marty bring?

Marty will bring a dj booth, PA system, mics, playout system, lights.

Lights will consist of around 3 or 4 lights to give nice lighting effect on the dance floor without being overbearing.  Room moonlighting can be added at an extra cost.

Does Marty do karaoke?

No sorry Marty does not do Karaoke.

Can we come see you play at a wedding?

No sorry, Marty does not think this is fair on the client who has booked me for their wedding.

How long does Marty need to set up?

Marty will need an hour at both the beginning and end to set and pack up his disco equipment.

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